trump era street art

2021.12.20 (Mon)

a photoshop of Trump's face over the body of the president (Terry Cruz) in the movie "Idiocracy". Originally tweeted in 2016 and got 3 retweets and 5 likes.
missing "have you seen this man?" flyer spotted on a bus stop.
pick up truck back window decal located in Quartzite, Arizona 2021
out of pure frustration a paper was added to the tv screen for comfort.
Toilet sticker in bar bathroom Miami.
Obama's final speech to nation watching it at my dad house.
(left) Arizona State flag (right) Buck Fiden flags blowing in the wind.
watching a live meme, caught on snapchat video screenshot. "the infamous cringe cheek kiss of child.
President Obama leaves the US capitol for the last time as the United States President
Semana spanish. magazine calling trump a clown
Ted Cruz drops out of presidential race
Johnn Kasich defends eating pizza with a fork
Anti-Trump protesters shut down I-95 NB in Miami